Evaluation of employee competencies, Dushanbe

The three-month-long comprehensive employee competency evaluation aimed to assess and enhance the skills and capabilities of both managerial and non-managerial staff, paving the way for individual and collective progress for the client company.

SHRM MENA Annual Conference & Expo 2023, Dubai

I had the honor of delivering my speech on the thought-provoking topic “Lemon or Lemonade: Find your role…” at SHRM MENA Conference in Dubai. It was an absolute pleasure to share my insights and engage with the audience. In our world, where lemons can show up unexpectedly, let’s keep turning them into the sweetest lemonade and making waves in our workplaces and communities!
In addition, this year as well, the Armenian delegation participated in the Conference to get insights from the experts who made the HR industry what it is today. Delving into the most influential HR topics, the conference offers unique learning, sharing, and career-building opportunities for promising HR leaders.

The Nature of Leadership 11th Annual Regional Conference, Yerevan

For the 11th time, the Annual Regional Conference entitled “The Nature of Leadership” was held in Armenia setting up a new format for the development of leadership skills. The platform brought together the participants, who got introduced to and experienced non-standard approaches and techniques of leadership development. The event was highlighted with 7 international speakers, practical masterclasses, and unique environment. Next stop is the upcoming conference agenda with its modern solutions.

Interview at “Barev Erkir” TV program

Talking about the alternative methods of leadership, discovering your potential, unique masterclasses, and long-awaited The Nature of Leadership 11th Annual Regional Conference at Barev Erkir program.

Guest at Network Nation podcast

Talking with Raffi Kasarjian about HR developments in Armenia, the application of industry experience, the steps to properly represent the organization, and of course, the upcoming plans of Cascade People & Business.

Human resource development trends, projects and tools in Armenia

Being a pioneer in the human resource management market in Armenia, our company has gone through many stages, maintaining flexibility to all the changes that exist in the field of HRM in the world and in the Armenian reality.

This year on June 18 we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of Cascade People & Business. We have introduced many tools to the market during this time, we have had many interesting and bright projects, and we have changed more than ten thousand lives, and as our slogan suggests, we bring change.