I'm Arpi

I'm Arpi

Step into my world, where I’m passionate about helping individuals, companies, and communities reach new heights and experience positive changes. As a seasoned speaker, trainer, coach, consultant and entrepreneur, I merge various approaches and techniques, much like an artist painting a masterpiece.

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This small book is one individual’s reflection on a topic that excites everybody, and something we have all known since a long time ago.

The topic is that we all want to change something in our lives and do not know how.

The theme of cleaning is an allegory that will help make room in your reality for new beginnings and projects. Set priorities, throw out everything you don’t need and move on.

Therefore, I suggest taking it as a dialogue between you and me and let’s enjoy the process of revealing how one can change the world!

The book is written for people who are in search of themselves and want to change their lives.





Public talks




Public talks



Internal communication – a recipe for success. Part I

We constantly communicate. In different ways and with different people. Sometimes with pleasure, sometimes with reluctance. In different situations we are different and always want to be heard and understood. But let’s admit that every day we have this feeling of inadequacy that we could have said better, could have...

Without effective management of human resources…

Without effective Human Resource Management, we cannot have development of businesses and, therefore, of the state, believes Arpi Karapetyan, president of the HR Association of Armenia. According to her, HR management is one of the dynamically developing fields in Armenia, where there is still a lot to be done to...

Change, gender and fashion: a woman’s view

For me, the most important thing is qualitative changes in the field of education and labor relations. Our labor legislation needs to be revised both in some fundamental and procedural matters....

We need a generational bridge

There are individuals, whose image almost strangely coincides with the values they profess. Arpi Karapetyan is a bright woman, a well-educated and dedicated researcher, who is also known to a very wide range of business people for her extraordinary ideas and their successful implementation. Her example is certainly indicative for...

We have discrimination

Having worked with various organizations for the past 25 years, I can state that we have discrimination, starting from the hiring process, when only good-looking women are wanted for employment. Labor legislation should be reformed. The same applies to education....

If You Do Not Regard Yourself In A Discriminative Way, No One Will…

Arpi Karapetyan, founder and chairman of Armenian HR Association, founder and managing partner of Cascade People & Business, initiator of Regional HR Conferences, told Regional Post about the current state and the challenges the labor market faces in Armenia. Interview : Tatevik Stepanyan...

The HR Association of Armenia is 5 years old

The organization has come a long way in this short period of time. Ever since 2008, when the idea of creating a professional community had matured, HR clubs began to be organized, within the framework of which the HR professionals operating in the Armenian market discussed the sectorial issues that...

Armenian HR professionals will have a chance to earn international qualifications

The preparatory certification courses of the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) are now also available to Armenian professionals:...


COVID and the response of the companies

Let me start with a question. How does the body generally react to danger? For example, when we are attacked by a bear in the forest, what will we do? Psychologists know that there are three possible responses at the physiological level: freezing, fighting, and flying....

Job search: is it realistic under COVID conditions?

The outbreak of coronavirus has caused a big global panic, which has resulted in many people facing job uncertainty, fear of infection and, of course, isolation. No one is sure what will happen and how long this ignition will take, but one must understand that any situation has its positive...


Career Development and Personal Branding course for Skoltech students | Arpi Karapetyan

Sergey Tantushyan interviewing HoT Guest Speaker Arpi Karapetyan


CSR project by Liga Insurance, Debet

Absolutely, we took on the project of renovating a kindergarten in Debet village. I have a strong belief that teambuilding initiatives with a social responsibility element bring people together and emphasize shared values even more effectively than other recreational activities. ...

SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2022, Las Vegas

In June 2023, seven individuals from Armenia traveled to the SHRM23 anniversary conference in Las Vegas....