OpenUP with ArpiKarapetyan | Episode #2 | Tigran Jrbashyan

The guest of OpenUP. Episode 2 was Tigran Jrbashyan, while the entire evening was accompanied by jazz pianist Karen Grigoryan. In the format of coaching, games, cozy atmosphere and positive vibes, we immersed ourselves in various stories, feelings, fears, aspirations and other interesting areas of Tigran’s life.
Tune in to our next episode where, with another guest, Arpi will take a unique journey of self-discovery and in-depth conversation.

Business Breakfast with Mantashyants Entrepreneurs Union members, Yerevan

In a format of business breakfast had a privilege to be a guest speaker for Mantashyants Entrepreneurs Union members. During this meeting, we tried to understand how to avoid mistakes, how to build a well-structured corporate culture, how to motivate employees, how to have a strong team and develop our own company, registering unprecedented growth rates, etc.

OpenUP. Episode 2, Yerevan

OpenUP event series has launched. And my first guest was Edgar Karapetyan. Together with the audience we deep dived into Edgar’s inner self. I am glad everyone liked it, got use of the unique lens the event provide on self-discovery and in-depth conversation, end enjoyed the evening.
Special thanks to my stagemates – Edgar Karapetyan and Karen Grigoryan with his piano for accompanying the whole evening with wonderful music.
See you at the next Episode. Stay tuned for the date and the guest announcement.

Career Orientation in our new reality, Yerevan

In various fields, global developments are reshaping the entire logic of entering the job market, making it dynamic and ever-changing. I had the privilege of delivering the opening speech at the Talent Connect event addressing the evolving landscape of career orientation in our new reality.[foogallery id="4054"]

Training on internal communication for JTI Armenia, Yerevan

For Cascade People & Business’ 15th birthday a series of giveaways were organized, and one of the prizes – the GRAND prize, was a free corporate training. The winner was JTI Armenia; thus, an internal communication development training was organized and implemented for them. Give to get!