Teaching at Skoltech

Had a privilege again to be an instructor at Skoltech and teach Career Development and Conflict Management & Negotiations courses.

Never get tired of teaching and learning from the younger generation.

SHRM MENA Annual Conference & Expo 2023, Dubai

I had the honor of delivering my speech on the thought-provoking topic “Lemon or Lemonade: Find your role…” at SHRM MENA Conference in Dubai. It was an absolute pleasure to share my insights and engage with the audience. In our world, where lemons can show up unexpectedly, let’s keep turning them into the sweetest lemonade and making waves in our workplaces and communities!
In addition, this year as well, the Armenian delegation participated in the Conference to get insights from the experts who made the HR industry what it is today. Delving into the most influential HR topics, the conference offers unique learning, sharing, and career-building opportunities for promising HR leaders.

Opening speech at “The Nature of Leadership” Conference

On September 29, amid uncertainty, the 11th Annual Regional Conference entitled “The Nature of Leadership” took place as a testament to our commitment to fostering alternative leadership development in challenging times.

The conference became a hub for talking about leadership differently, creating a space for reflecting, rethinking norms, embracing fresh perspectives, and exploring alternative strategies and combinations.

In a world full of uncertainties, the conference proved our determination to navigate change. The Nature of Leadership quietly echoed the importance of embracing new ideas in our ever-evolving landscape.