Human resource development trends, projects and tools in Armenia

Being a pioneer in the human resource management market in Armenia, our company has gone through many stages, maintaining flexibility to all the changes that exist in the field of HRM in the world and in the Armenian reality.

This year on June 18 we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of Cascade People & Business. We have introduced many tools to the market during this time, we have had many interesting and bright projects, and we have changed more than ten thousand lives, and as our slogan suggests, we bring change.

Around 1,000 participants of the 44-day war received new skills for employment

The knowledge and skills acquired within the framework of the Nor Ej initiative help participants of the 2020 44-day war integrate into the labor market more easily and quickly.
Almost a thousand participants of the war, 18-30 years old, took advantage of the Nor Ej program. The goal of the program is to provide young people with the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of activity that interests them. This way, they can get the job they want faster.

jobbit innovative salary survey tool was introduced and launched

On September 7, the jobbit innovative salary survey tool was launched and presented to Armenian companies for the first time.
More than 60 employer representatives and authorized human resources management specialists from more than 40 companies operating in IT, banking, manufacturing and other sectors participated in the presentation and launch of the tool.

COVID and the response of the companies

Let me start with a question. How does the body generally react to danger? For example, when we are attacked by a bear in the forest, what will we do?
Psychologists know that there are three possible responses at the physiological level: freezing, fighting, and flying.

Job search: is it realistic under COVID conditions?

The outbreak of coronavirus has caused a big global panic, which has resulted in many people facing job uncertainty, fear of infection and, of course, isolation. No one is sure what will happen and how long this ignition will take, but one must understand that any situation has its positive sides, one of which is understanding self-aspirations and making long-term decisions.

Internal communication – a recipe for success. Part I

We constantly communicate. In different ways and with different people. Sometimes with pleasure, sometimes with reluctance. In different situations we are different and always want to be heard and understood. But let’s admit that every day we have this feeling of inadequacy that we could have said better, could have put more emphasis, or could have kept silent instead of quoting something. We constantly communicate. And we always want to do it more effectively. Particularly, when it comes to communicating within the organization and is the cornerstone of the professional activity.

Without effective management of human resources…

Without effective Human Resource Management, we cannot have development of businesses and, therefore, of the state, believes Arpi Karapetyan, president of the HR Association of Armenia. According to her, HR management is one of the dynamically developing fields in Armenia, where there is still a lot to be done to achieve success.

Change, gender and fashion: a woman’s view

For me, the most important thing is qualitative changes in the field of education and labor relations. Our labor legislation needs to be revised both in some fundamental and procedural matters.