We need a generational bridge

There are individuals, whose image almost strangely coincides with the values they profess. Arpi Karapetyan is a bright woman, a well-educated and dedicated researcher, who is also known to a very wide range of business people for her extraordinary ideas and their successful implementation. Her example is certainly indicative for those young people, who would like to make a career, but without using someone’s support and patronage. Her program is the evolutionary development of the country, and Arpi has seen for herself, by the example of her career, that it is necessary to develop and move forward through your own work, while helping others at the same time.

We have discrimination

Having worked with various organizations for the past 25 years, I can state that we have discrimination, starting from the hiring process, when only good-looking women are wanted for employment. Labor legislation should be reformed. The same applies to education.

If You Do Not Regard Yourself In A Discriminative Way, No One Will…

Arpi Karapetyan, founder and chairman of Armenian HR Association, founder and managing partner of Cascade People & Business, initiator of Regional HR Conferences, told Regional Post about the current state and the challenges the labor market faces in Armenia.

Interview : Tatevik Stepanyan

The HR Association of Armenia is 5 years old

The organization has come a long way in this short period of time. Ever since 2008, when the idea of creating a professional community had matured, HR clubs began to be organized, within the framework of which the HR professionals operating in the Armenian market discussed the sectorial issues that concern them and shared their experience. And since 2010, already as a formed structure, HR clubs, discussions, conferences, courses and webinars are regularly organized by the Association.