Interview at “Barev Erkir” TV program

Talking about the alternative methods of leadership, discovering your potential, unique masterclasses, and long-awaited The Nature of Leadership 11th Annual Regional Conference at Barev Erkir program.

Guest at Network Nation podcast

Talking with Raffi Kasarjian about HR developments in Armenia, the application of industry experience, the steps to properly represent the organization, and of course, the upcoming plans of Cascade People & Business.

About my Masterclass at “reStart: Mind, heart, and PR” Conference in Serbia

In this interactive, educative and funny workshop the participants had a chance to play a game that gave them better insights into different communication styles and how to adapt to them. The game acts as a team selection tool, as well as, Improves team communication, enhances team logic, and makes team diagnosis.

Human capital at the heart of business. How does HR live in Armenia? “Anatomy of the Business”

The founding of the HR Association was logical. When Cascade People & Business was founded and the question arose, how to grow the business, it turned out that the human resources area is one of the weakest points in business. It was necessary to explain to people that HR and PR are not the same. This community was created, from where joint development and experience exchange began. Previously, if the number of registrants was only 5 people, now it has reached 700. The development is obvious. The positive trend continues. Already every 4th wants to become a part of the industry. And to understand how much it helps the business, one must first understand the purpose of the business.