John King


Arpi Karapetyan is a distinct human being. Having known and worked professionally with Arpi for the past seven years, I have had the opportunity to observe her work ethic, leadership style, and commitment to the effectiveness of the people she touches, trains and empowers from a variety of angles. Arpi listens. This may seem to be a minor quality, but, in fact, it is a big deal. Arpi listens in a way that grants her constituency access to creative solutions and ultimately, freedom of expression. She is a leader of the first order, being profoundly in relationship with those she leads, therefore, has permission to take people to places which otherwise would be uncomfortable for them. Her proven expertise in organizational context makes her a solid choice for design, management, and/or supervision at every level of project accountability. Arpi’s personal style is light and engaging, she is fun to be with and she causes others to be effective beyond the predictable. She is smart without being arrogant, and flexible without being a pushover. Arpi is the real deal and it is my privilege to know and work with her and a pleasure to recommend her for leadership.