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Cascade People & Business

Cascade People & Business is a company offering one-stop complex HR management services in the Armenian market from 2008. The Company provides practical assistance to a broad range of local and international companies offering a comprehensive set of stand-alone or packaged turnkey HR services.

Through these 15 years, the company had a unique opportunity to work with 500+ companies and make a huge professional impact. Cascade People & Business operates both in B2B and B2C sectors.


Founder and General Manager

Armenian HR Association

The purpose of the Armenian HR Association is to develop a specialized HR community in the Republic of Armenia, which will contribute to the formation and development of sustainable personnel in the effective management of the country. Association brings together more than 700 professionals since 2010․Two hundred of them are active HR specialists in various business areas.

The main directions of activities are: (1) HR Advocacy (2) Improvement of HR framework (3) Supply and demand matching (4) Professional Development.



implemented initiatives

Since 2012, every year organize and lead Regional HR Conferences involving more than 200 international speakers and around 3,000 participants from 40 countries. It has become a space for professional networking with the best chance to be updated with the international challenges and trends in People Management and Leadership. 70-80% of the conference speakers are international experts sharing their knowledge, experience, tools, and real-life cases with the local specialists and professionals. Every year, the conference summons on a variety of topics reflecting the most important and essential issues in the industry. The latest one is The Nature of Leadership (2023) that aims to bring together the most innovative and exciting alternative methods for leadership development from around the world.

In 2016, developed and co-train the zoom in! © program, which is an alternative solution to the professional and career orientation programs aimed to help teenagers and youth dig in their true potential and outline the main directions of their future growth. The program intends to help them cognize their personality, identify their strengths, aspirations, capabilities, and come up with an action plan on how to develop further. In other words, it is a drive to one’s self-awareness. The copyrighted orientation program is designed based on several internationally accepted methodologies.

From 2020, Cascade People & Business has been working on a completely new tool that will transform the sphere of salary review and set new trends to give an objective overview on compensation package of different occupations. 

The tool launched in September of 2022 offers a novel approach with a novel methodology in the field of salary market research. The survey includes more than 70 companies from the Armenian market for each job position, as a result of which companies will have an opportunity to get a comprehensive picture of the market. The developed approach is aimed at ensuring fast pace and flexibility through a simplified questionnaire. As a result, a complete and comprehensive analytical report is prepared for each position, which summarizes the full results of the salary survey according to different criteria. This product gives local small and medium companies an opportunity to participate in a salary survey research and get the report at an affordable price.

In December of 2020, initiated a social responsibility program, which is aimed at supporting those who have participated in military actions, gained temporary or permanent physical disabilities and/or post-traumatic stress disorder and have been demobilized. The goal of the project is to reduce the gap between skills of the workforce and the needs of employers as a result of the overall crisis situation in Armenia. 

The project, on one hand, targets about 1,000+ young people aged 18-30, with whom professional interviews will be conducted (competencies and desires). On the other hand, the project intends to cooperate with around 500 organizations and institutions to measure their requirements in the workforce. The third component of the project is the collection of a substantial database of trainers and TVET instructors, who will be willing and have the proper competences to teach and cover the gap between the supply and demand according to the research results. Based on the obtained data, matching, professional orientation programs, training and development courses in different professional directions, upskilling and reskilling programs (mostly in the segment of TVET) will be organized.

As of August of 2023, the collected database includes 2,000 veterans, 230 employers and 250 trainers/instructors/ educational institutions.

Initiated and designed the HR academy that aims to train and certify high-level HR professionals, who want to grow in the field of human resource management.

HR academy is an effective combination of in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical work in the field of HR, the program of which is aligned with SHRM Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge™ (SHRM BASK™) and is approved by the Armenian HR Association.

Each topic of the program is presented by a top-notch expert from the field. All of them possess extensive experience and profound expertise in the area, along with an international HR certification(s), enabling them to combine and communicate both local and international HR trends.

Since May 2020, organized and led a series of on-line professional meetings with successful and experienced professionals to reflect on different occupations, educate and help youth in their career choices and concentrate on the new trends. The aim was to distinguish and showcase what the youth should learn, what skills they need to develop and how to approach their profession today to have a clear action plan, keep pace with time and be competitive in the market.

In 2020, with a joint partnership, have implemented the “GortsON” 1st Marathon that aimed to support people, who have lost their jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Served as a Marathon leader and held a master class about the 10 main principles of Human Resource Management.

The 2nd marathon, again with joint partnership, was organized in April of 2021, where during a LIVE session, 10 HR professionals from companies of various industries presented the organizations and more than 40 job vacancies, as well as shared what skills are needed to join their teams. Later, a series of webinars were organized with local and international leading trainers to teach the applicants the required skills. The aim was to decrease the gap between the market demand and labor supply.


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