Nor Ej

In December of 2020, initiated a social responsibility program, which is aimed at supporting those who have participated in military actions, gained temporary or permanent physical disabilities and/or post-traumatic stress disorder and have been demobilized. The goal of the project is to reduce the gap between skills of the workforce and the needs of employers as a result of the overall crisis situation in Armenia. 

The project, on one hand, targets about 1,000+ young people aged 18-30, with whom professional interviews will be conducted (competencies and desires). On the other hand, the project intends to cooperate with around 500 organizations and institutions to measure their requirements in the workforce. The third component of the project is the collection of a substantial database of trainers and TVET instructors, who will be willing and have the proper competences to teach and cover the gap between the supply and demand according to the research results. Based on the obtained data, matching, professional orientation programs, training and development courses in different professional directions, upskilling and reskilling programs (mostly in the segment of TVET) will be organized.

As of August of 2023, the collected database includes 2,000 veterans, 230 employers and 250 trainers/instructors/ educational institutions.