Saad Amanullah Khan


Arpi has proven herself as a high-caliber professional during my time at CELA and SEALA. Her strengths lie in professionalism, business ethics, and building strong relationships with colleagues across different business sectors and geographies.

She is a true HR professional and has many firsts in her portfolio – she founded her own company, established and serves as the Chairman of Armenian HR Association, and I can go on and on. Once she has an idea or a concept, she works relentlessly, sets the bar high and strives for excellence. Arpi shows resilience in the face of adversity and comes up with innovative ideas to keep the organization engaged while expanding their business footprint.

In summary, Arpi strengths are her excellent people and relationship building skills, her hard-working attitude and cheerful positive disposition, her uncompromising ethics, strong communication and open, pressure-resistant mind, which is always ready to learn. She will be an asset to any organization which partners with her.